Increase your website's visibility with Search Engine Optimization


What is SEO?

SEO is a process this is highly based on content and, in turn, traffic to your site. It is comprised of three phases. The first phase is called Core Optimization (CO). This involves Keyword Research Analysis, meaning that a set of relevant and competitive key terms are filtered through a rigorous process to bring about a final, and specific, set of terms that will direct traffic to your website. Once the final set of keywords have been analyzed, they are implemented into metadata (data used for search engines), where we come up with the optimized title and description that users see in Google search results when they are looking for the service that you provide on your website.

As time passes, when new and existing websites targeted to the same market develop their SEO, the specific set of keywords that were developed in CO begin to wane in effectiveness. Therefore, this next phase should occur in order to truly maintain a solid web presence. This is called a 6-month SEO Campaign. During the course of 6 months we focus on Content and Link Building, meaning we optimize any new content that you provide us with. During the campaign, we send you a bi-monthly report with suggestions on how to improve your content based on the data gathered in Google Analytics – an online tracking software that will allow us to see the behavior on your site. In this report we may revisit keywords that over time are not working and make appropriate revisions.

In the third and last phase we provide SEO Support Services, including the delivery of online newsletter campaigns, social media, and expansion of landing page content. The purpose of this phase is to serve as a reminder to users that your services are still in operation.


Core Optimization

Core optimization is the first phase of our Search Engine Optimization process. It can be broken down into two major components: Keyword Research Analysis and the Implementation of the research.

For both new and existing websites, this phase of the SEO project will need to be quoted in advance relative to the size (number of pages) and quality of content on the site at a rate of $55/hr.

Keyword Research Analysis

Keyword AnalysisFirst, we will look at the state of your website. If the size and the length of the content are deemed appropriate, we will do some online market research to determine the nature of the keyword landscape for the industry your business is in. Based on the keyword landscape, in terms of relevance and competitiveness, and the end user behavior, we will generate a list of potential target keywords to optimize your website.

Keyword research is actually a lot more involved than what most people would imagine. In most cases we will begin with an extensive list of at least 2000 potential target keywords and successively attempt to narrow that list down to the top 10 to 20 keywords that best fit our clients' business nature, target audience, demographics and marketing initiatives.

To add to the complexity, keep in mind that the keyword landscape can change and thus it is recommended to periodically revise the target keywords on your website.

Keyword Implementation

The second half of the Core Optimization phase consist of taking the results of the initial keyword research and applying them into your website's Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions, as well as inside the content of your website's pages.


Six-month SEO Campaign

The six month SEO campaign is the second phase in our Search Engine Optimization process. During this phase we will optimize any new content provided by our customers, engage in Link Building and provide our customers with bi-monthly reports with ongoing progress updates and suggestions on the direction the content should take. The six month campaign is also useful in prolonging the effect of SEO Core Optimization because it allows us to react to the changing landscape for your specific keywords.

Engaging in a Six-month SEO campaign is especially beneficial during the first few months after completing the Core Optimization process because it will also allow us to recognize target keywords that may be under-performing and either take steps to improve their performance or drop them all together to try new ones.