Give your website a reliable home


Think of a car analogy: having a domain is the equivalent to having a license plate. Paying for hosting is the equivalent of paying for a parking spot for your website.

Domain Names

We like and recommend to our clients to have separate providers for each of the two services. One company in charge of your domain and another in charge of your hosting. That way, you are not tied up with either one of them.

Important! If you do not currently know the login information for your domain and hosting control panels. Get it now!



We typically offer a one year plan to manage your hosting account for one website requiring one database.

The first step is to buy your domain(s) on your behalf. We would charge $11 per year for .com and .net domains and $16 per year for .ca domains

For most websites, basic hosting will do. We charge $100 per year to host and manage a website’s hosting.