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This is who we are.


Aeweb at a Glance

We are an innovative consulting and marketing company based out of Hamilton, Ontario. We are devoted to constantly contriving cutting-edge, yet aesthetically pleasing websites and web applications for both small and large businesses.

Our personal touch, competitive pricing and carefully crafted approach to web design are what sets us apart. We truly care about our clients and do our best to help them succeed as we know that if they do, so will we.

Our primary focus is on web development, closely followed by our recently expanded graphic design department.


How Aeweb is Different

What makes us different is our insatiable drive to be proud of the work that carries our signature. We do not operate like a factory and rather believe in forging reliable, long-lasting relationships with our customers. Furthermore, we will provide additional training on how to administer your website at no cost.

Customer Satisfaction


Thomas Cassidy
the president

David Shonborn
the code poet

Manfred Li
the protegé